Fax87 is used by Leading Companies Everywhere…


Fax87 is LOADED with Features. Simple to use and adaptable to personal or business use.
Our goal is to offer the best service at an Unbelievable Price. Below are all of the features…
Send and receive faxes by email Fax multiple documents, different types all at once
Local number FREE, or Toll Free for a buck. Cover page customization
Compatible with all smartphones by email Create folders for your faxes online
Free customer support Free Trial, Money Back Guarantee
No software or hardware to purchase Easy to use online portal
Delivery confirmation Contact book on the web
Fax to multiple people at once GO Green by not printing and save a tree
Manage your faxes online. We save incoming for 1 year, in case you need it. Share with as many email addresses as you
wish...NO LIMIT


The features of Fax87 are the driving elements of the service. The internet-based platform, or portal, that the user sends, receives, and manages their faxing through has a great deal of features and tools that simply make the process of faxing easy and much more efficient than traditional fax.


There are many reasons why so many have come to us for our online fax services. Here are some of them:
  • SAVE MONEY: There is no need for dedicated phone lines that are used for traditional fax machines. There is no need for machines themselves. Maintenance is not required for the machine as neither are various supplies (paper, ink, and toner). Money saved from no longer incurring these costs will more than pay for the cost of online fax services.

  • SPACE & DATA MANGEMENT: Considerable physical space is saved because copies of the fax will be digital. The platform saves incoming and outgoing faxes for storage purposes. This allows for easy integration into digital document management systems which enables improved overall organization. Paper is saved as online fax is a GREEN option.

  • PRODUCTIVITY: Using online fax eliminates the time waiting in line to use the office fax machine.

  • EFFICIENCY: Faxes can be scheduled to be sent out at specific times. Eliminates the need for resending and there is no risk of faxes being mishandled or lost upon their receipt like with traditional machines.

  • "BarcodeDistributor:" The proprietary distribution tool introduced with the redesigned platform allows users to route incoming faxes to specific individuals from one number. This tool allows larger operations to get documents to those it matters to most, faster, and Fax87 is the only company offering such a tool.

  • MOBILITY: The ability to fax by email allows you and your colleagues to get more done while on the go. You can check email and view your faxes via your mobile device when you're not in the office.

  • MULTIPLE USERS: Fax87 allows multiple users to utilize the online fax platform to send and receive faxes. This is ideal for office settings where multiple users can avail of the service.

Who uses Fax87?

Individuals and companies across all industries are integrating online fax into their operations and experiencing the benefits. Every company that uses traditional fax understands the challenges associated with it. Among them is the generation of hard copy after hard copy document that then needs to be filed or moved someplace, thus creating issues of space. This particular challenge and faxing in general is not an industry specific activity. Faxing is an essential activity for many and organizations large and small from financial institutions and real estate companies to medical facilities, schools, and technology startups are utilizing Fax87 to meet their online faxing needs.
With that said, individuals use fax to communicate with various institutions as well, and more and more people are switching to Fax87 so they can fax what they need to without the hassle.
I'm simply at awe at the value that I have received from Fax87. Truely an unbelievable online fax service.
- Sara K.
Not only can I fax from any computer, but I can fax from my email and smart phone. Very Powerful
- Matthew Miller
Fax87.com is by far the best online fax system I have ever used. Plus, can you say "Affordable"!
- Markus Jefferson.
I got tired of paying $15 per month and switched to Fax87 for only $3.99 per month. Haven't looked back since.
- Alex Gardener
I would recommend this fax as a must purchase for anyone looking to easily switch to an affordable fax service. Prompt service as well.
- Mary Civoralli
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