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Fax87 has created an alternative to costly fax servers and internally managed fax systems. The Fax87 platform enables your company to scale by adding and removing lines as needed, bill based on pre-determined rates or flat fee schedule, PLUS fax online, by email (including outlook), or smartphone.

Integrate with your back office, messaging systems, and MFPs. We at Fax87 like to refer to this as a hybrid Software as a Service Solution (hSaaS) or in the Cloud computing sphere, "Partly Cloudy".

With Fax87's FaxScan (an ATA for fax machines) you can keep your existing fax machines and disconnect your fax lines. Eliminate monthly phone line costs and only pay for faxes sent and received through Fax87. Fax87 address all of these concerns with minimal upfront costs. Fax87 enables your fax users to have a virtual fax board and utilize your existing data infrastructure to send and receive faxes. This means there is no need to provision Telco circuits or buy expensive fax boards, servers and maintenance plans.

Save 50% by outsourcing your Fax Server

Fax servers add to IT's workload by creating another complex system that needs to be managed. Hosted fax solutions, like Fax87, offer well-defined, easy to calculate costs, with none of the infrastructure planning or costs associated with a dedicated fax environment.

Typically Enterprise customers who choose Fax87 see a savings anywhere from 50% to 65% the cost of building and running a fax server internally.

Other benefits include:

Improved security
Improved document management
Increased control

How Secure is Fax87?

Security is a clear differentiator when comparing other outsourced fax services to Fax87. Fax87 incorporates a multi-level encryption/security system known as a "defense-in-depth" approach. It is a layering tactic, conceived by the National Security Agency (NSA), as a comprehensive approach to information and electronic security.

In addition, all fax transactions are processed in a secure and encrypted database utilizing the same standards. Lastly any images/content in the Fax87 system only persists for the life of the transmission and is then destroyed with all data being zeroed; ensuring Fax87 meets all regulatory compliance requirements.

Fax87 and HIPAA
The Fax87 solution is HIPAA compliant. It is also important to understand that there is no Federal Agency that "certifies‟ that a solution is HIPAA Compliant. There are published guidelines that must be adhered to and the Fax87 solution does adhere to the HIPAA guidelines.

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Affordability is our Top Priority

At Fax87, we strive to bring you the best online fax service and platform at the most affordable price. We understand the financial constraints put on your business and you as an individual customer. As a result, we have made it our top priority to deliver the best fax online service out there at the lowest price on the market.

We do so through three great plan options, detailed above, that provides varying levels of commitment based solely on usage. Offering three plans allows greater options as customers of all sizes do have different needs, and we recognize this. We also do not believe in hidden fees or incurring any additional costs to you other than those made clear in your plan option. So we make all of our pricing information available up front.

110% Lowest Price Guarantee

Simply put, our pricing can't be beat. There is no other company that offers a better price for their services than Fax87. If you find a company that does, however, and you let us know, we will beat their price by 10%, guaranteed. That is our commitment to you our customers and to delivering the best online fax service at the most affordable price.

Free Trial & 100% Money Back Guarantee

We want to deliver exactly the product and service you're looking for: a user-friendly, highly functional, and feature-driven online fax service at a great price. We know we deliver this product and service, but want you to be completely satisfied before you commit. We also realize that a free trail would be ideal for the customer during this process to make sure the platform is right for them.

That is why we offer a free 15 Day Trial of our service and if you are not completely satisfied, we will refund you in full and your first 30 days would be on us.

After the 15 Day Free Trial period expires, you will automatically be charged the price for the plan you select unless cancelled during the trial period. Cancelling is easy by phone, email, or live chat online.