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What is online fax?

Online Fax is the faxing of documents using the internet and an online fax platform. Rather than using phone lines as traditional faxing does, documents are sent and received over the internet through email messages. The emailing of the documents is facilitated by a secure website in order to protect the information.

This describes the underlying difference between online fax and traditional, but what truly differentiates the two is the added benefits that come with our online faxing services. The difference is in the increased functionality, the money and time saved, and the customizable features. Check out our Features page to learn more.

To send a fax online...

Log into your account here, and click on Send a Fax
To send a fax from email:
  • A) Make sure your email address is set to Primary under your account settings online.
  • B) Open your email client and in the To field type the recipients 10 digit fax number followed by @Fax87.com. Example [email protected] Anything you type in the subject line and body will be embodied in the cover page.

To receive a fax using the web platform:

  • The sender will put your assigned fax number into their fax machine and send the fax.
  • If specific people are to receive the fax that is being sent to one online fax number, BarcodeDistributor, the proprietary distribution tool can be utilized. A barcode can be assigned to each individual in an office and the fax can be sent directly to the intended individuals all from one fax number. This allows the fax to get to the intended recipients more quickly. Fax87 will convert that fax into a pdf document and forward that to them with a digital copy being stored on Fax87.com.

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