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Fax87 is used by Leading Companies Everywhere…


Fax87 is LOADED with Features. Simple to use and adaptable to personal or business use.
Our goal is to offer the best service at an Unbelievable Price. Below are all of the features…
Send and receive faxes by email Fax multiple documents, different types all at once
Local number FREE, or Toll Free for a buck. Cover page customization
Compatible with all smartphones by email Create folders for your faxes online
Free customer support Free Trial, Money Back Guarantee
No software or hardware to purchase Easy to use online portal
Delivery confirmation Contact book on the web
Fax to multiple people at once GO Green by not printing and save a tree
Manage your faxes online. We save incoming for 1 year, in case you need it. Share with as many email addresses as you
wish...NO LIMIT


The features of Fax87 are the driving elements of the service. The internet-based platform, or portal, that the user sends, receives, and manages their faxing through has a great deal of features and tools that simply make the process of faxing easy and much more efficient than traditional fax.


There are many reasons why so many have come to us for our online fax services. Here are some of them:

Who uses Fax87?

Individuals and companies across all industries are integrating online fax into their operations and experiencing the benefits. Every company that uses traditional fax understands the challenges associated with it. Among them is the generation of hard copy after hard copy document that then needs to be filed or moved someplace, thus creating issues of space. This particular challenge and faxing in general is not an industry specific activity. Faxing is an essential activity for many and organizations large and small from financial institutions and real estate companies to medical facilities, schools, and technology startups are utilizing Fax87 to meet their online faxing needs.

With that said, individuals use fax to communicate with various institutions as well, and more and more people are switching to Fax87 so they can fax what they need to without the hassle.

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Fax87 is a leading online fax platform that provides multi-faceted internet-based fax solutions to individuals and organizations, both large and small. Our easy-to-use platform allows users to fax by email and increase the efficiency of their communications. With affordability as the top priority, Fax87 provides a highly functional, user-friendly internet fax platform that solves your digital and traditional communications needs.